Cyrillica Lab division is responsible for research and practical tasks related to processing visual and audio content, as well as for optimization of business projects. We create products and services, for both internal and external consumer use, that help our clients to reduce costs, increase content quality and shorten the production timespan. Our solutions are used by leading cloud technologies and AI for speech recognition (Speech-To-Text) and synthesis (Text-To-Speech). At our Cyrillica lab, we have a unique product – NEUROCAST – a service with an elite set of natural-sounding voices fashioned from neurovoices.


Subtitles Automation Tools

Our own inventions in the field of subtitling will allow you to create automated subtitles for your video. We always strive to improve this technology to make subtitling even faster in the future.


Quality Control (QC) Tools

At our company we've created a system that allows us to automatically find, mark and analyze both technical and linguistic mistakes made in the working process.



Audiovisual Translation School

Our translation school is based on years of experience in voice-over and dubbing work at the “Cyrillica” studio. Our school only accepts those who successfully pass our test task. We teach both theory and practical techniques. At our school, we provide direction – then we monitor the growth of our translators in their work and help them improve.


Remote Recording School

Our school offers not only training in audio engineering, but also skills that allow voice-over actors to record their work remotely, both with a sound engineer and on their own. We also teach audio editing. The learning process itself is fascinating, but it will also grant you the possibility to take on more difficult tasks in the future.


Subtitling School

Years of work in subtitling have allowed us to gather a base of knowledge and advice that we pass on to future subtitlers and editors. Our detailed video course allows you to learn the basics of working with subtitling software and to discover a new specialty for yourself, all in a short time. Our studio experts will also help you to improve the skills you already have.