Welcome to NEUROCAST – revolutionizing the Voice-Over industry.

Professional expertise: as one of the leading Voice-over providers, NEUROCAST offers the closest you can get to human sounding neuro-voices, thanks to our state-of-the-art, breakthrough technology. In addition, NEUROCAST provides a professional sound engineer to work with you, ensuring the final product is exactly what you want and expect.

Today’s Voice-over landscape is ever-changing. With all the uncertainty surrounding us, businesses are looking for more cost-effective ways to market their product and reach a wider audience. This is where NEUROCAST can help!

NEUROCAST is an innovative company that provides Voice-over services using in-house neuro-voicing technology. This technology, which is one of the first on the market, is the closest to sounding like a real-life voice without having to pay for an actual actor.

NEUROCAST has been designed for those looking for neutral intonation to localize and globalize documentaries, articles, news and trainings, as well as corporate videos, instructional videos, blogs, audio podcasts and audiobooks.

NEUROCAST is a unique product created in our lab – a service with a natural-sounding Voice-over based on neurovoices.

Advantages over traditional Voice-over

  • Cost-effective: no live actors required, no need to rent a studio, a flat rate for the service, regardless of how many voices you choose.
  • Convenient: for those that need localization in multiple languages, including Spanish, German, French, Arabic, Chinese, Russian and English.
  • Easy-to-use: if needed, a client can change, add, or delete content without the hassle of re-recording the entire text.


In order to evaluate the quality our service provides, please review these samples and tell us which one was created using AI.