Globalization is the process of setting up content to be available for use in foreign countries. This includes a certain number of measures, such as localization.
Localization, in its part, requires thorough preparation and a deep understanding of content and foreign cultures, as well as adhering to the use of appropriate technology. This is why, among other things, the work of content adaptation is delegated to native professionals and talented dubbing actors, allowing us to be confident in the highest possible quality of the final product.

“Cyrillica” studios localize content in more than 25 language pairs, including rare languages.
Localization and adaptation of content into a number of languages, while being a complex service, enables the content to be promoted in several markets simultaneously. As a result, awareness of the content is increased, and it becomes recognizable across a number of countries. We provide localization services for content in various language pairs, with its quality guaranteed. We offer our services from any foreign language into any other.