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About us

Careful quality control and testing

  • content is audited to meet technical requirements, linguistics standards and high quality performance (for songs);
  • focus groups include representatives of the target audience in their home country.

Flawlessly accurate translations

  • four stages of localization: translation, editing, recording, QC;
  • translators and editors have proficiency in both the source and target languages;
  • recording in the home country of the target audience for a 100% guarantee of acceptance by the target audience.

Security system

  • fast, guaranteed delivery of the final product;
  • comprehensive privacy policy;
  • up-to-date technology for monitoring employees’ actions and access control.

Cyrillica Studios offers professional localization services for the television and film industry. Our multilingual staff assists with translation in over 10 language combinations. We also offer a wide range of technical services with audiovisual content.

  • translating;
  • subtitling;
  • voiceover;
  • dubbing;
  • graphics localization;
  • game localization and LQA

We have nearly 10 years of experience is this field, and rank among the top localization studios in Russia. We have translated and dubbed over 700,000 minutes of content since we first opened. We have invested our skills, minds and hearts in over 500 projects.

We were the first Russian studio to have localized 8,000 minutes of Russian animated series, and over 22,000 minutes of documentaries into 10 foreign languages.

If your project is urgent, important, and complex, we can handle it. Give us a weekend, and you will have a whole season of an animated series dubbed into Arabic. Or give us just 24 hours for a fully localized episode of a musical animated show for an international festival. Imagine being able to show the premiere of a TV show in the US on Monday, and airing it in Russia on Tuesday.

Our experience has made us a strong, competent and reliable partner for many companies, both in Russia and abroad, and including such industry giants as the Disney Channel and Sony Entertainment Television.

Fast. Full scale. Any language.

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